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Monday, August 29, 2011

Organization Week: Hair Accessories

I am a big fan of baby bows... I mean a B.I.G fan! I don't even think that Sophia was a few hours old when I slapped her first bow in her hair. I always had this fear that people would think she was a boy {which still happens even with a big ol' bow in hair... go figure}. I just think bows are so pretty and cute and well, I just love them. The only problem with bows is they are so easy to misplace. I learned pretty early on that if I was going to support my bow buying/making habit, I needed to figure out a way that I could organize them easily and for cheap {I mean, I had to do it for cheap so I could buy more bows}. 

I made two different places to organize hair bows in my daughters room. The first place was to organize her clips, and the second place was to organize her headbands. This is nothing ground braking, people! I used many tried and true methods but with my own spin on it.

Hair Bow Holder:
{items needed}:
~ old canvas {even a piece of sturdy cardboard/old frame/piece of wood would work}
~ material 
~ ribbon
~ staple gun
I usually have way more bows up than this, but this picture was taken on a "bad" organizing week. Do as I say, not as I do people!

{what I did}:
The process is so easy that I don't think it even warrants a step-by-step explanation. All I did was take an old canvas {side story behind the canvas: I decided to make some beautiful art work for my hubs office... well lets just say two hours later all I had to show for it was a canvas that looked like... ummm something brown and nasty was smeared all over it. Not my most shining artistic moment}.
I took some leftover fabric from her crib bedding that my mom helped me make and pulled it taught and straight and stapled it to the back using a staple gun. Then I added coordinating ribbon by stapling it down the canvas vertically. Lastly, I added a piece of ribbon to the top and hung it up next to her changing table. 

Headband Organizer:
{items needed}:
~ Round vase {about the same size round as an oatmeal container}--- I got mine at the dollar store awhile back
{what I did}:
I took headbands and put them around a vase. That's it! I threw around the idea of making a headband holder out of an old oatmeal container, but that would have required some decorating of said oatmeal container and I did not have anything on hand that matched her room. 
And guess what? Once I added all of her head bands you wouldn't have even been able to see the decorating anyway. So I say the glass vase solution was a win!

So there you have it! That is how I keep my love for baby hair accessories under wrap. Simple, easy, and organized!

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