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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to: Build a Fort

Last week I made such a cute gift for a special little 3 year old. I have been chompin' at the bit {yep... I just said that} to show everyone because it turned out so cute, but I had to wait till after her birthday party on Saturday, because I know her momma is reading {hi Patti}. 

I was inspired by something that I found over on Saltwater Kids. It is a fort kit! How cute is that! I remember being a kid and trying to make forts, only to have them completely fall apart {flashback to books falling on my head and getting lost in a sea of old sheets}. 

It was so simple and fun to put together... I can't wait for Sophia to be old enough so I can make one for her too!

{Fort Kit} Supply List:
~ 2 twin sheets {or one king size sheet cut in half} 
~ Coordinating Pillow Case
~ Extra Piece of Material to Coordinate with the Pillow Case {optional}--- size depends on size of pillow case
~ Ribbon
~ Clothespins
~ Clamps
~ Suction Cups
~ Flashlight
~ Books
~ Deluxe Fort Tag
OPTIONAL ADDITIONS: Stuffed Animal {maybe a pillow pet}, Rope {this could be great for older kids.. but I did not think it would be a great addition to give to a three year old}, extra sheets... If you have any other ideas, leave me a comment, I would love to hear it!

The saltwater kids tutorial used an old adult sized t-shirt for the ties on the sheets. However, I had some coordinating ribbon that I used instead {remember, if you once you cut the ribbon to lightly singe the cut edges of your ribbon to keep it from unraveling}. 

To make the main bag, I just cut the bottom off of the pillowcase, and with coordinating fabric sewed a little base around the bottom. If you choose to do the two toned affect for your bag use the rule of thirds {bottom fabric should be 1/3 the length of the whole bag... approx.}--- yes I realize that this is the worst possible explanation of what I did, but to be honest I truly just winged it, and consequently took no measurements... I was super lucky it all worked. Next time I do this, I will take better notes and pass them on to you! Oooppppssss!

I used the Saltwater Kids Tutorial exactly as they wrote it to create the sheets {only difference is I cut 1 King size sheet in half to create two, matching twin sized sheets and I also used ribbon instead of a t-shirt for the ties}. 

I also made an accessory bag out of the coordinating fabric {to hold the clothespins, clamps, and suction cups}. I took some fabric {approx. 12X24 inches}, folded the material in half {right side in} and sewed up the sides, then I sewed a little pocket at the top and threaded some ribbon through the pocket to create a drawstring. 
Lastly, I put everything into the bag and added a little tag. FINISHED!

I really liked the tag that Saltwater Kids had created but the colors did not match the bag I made. So I re-created their tag in illustrator and indesign with colors that coordinated with my bag. 

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  1. This was SUCH a fun gift! A friend of mine asked if you sell these? I told her I would ask!