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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Didja miss me?!

So, what is my lesson learned from the past week? DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING on my computer that I am not positive is not filled with the funk that will cause my laptop to go coo coo la roo! Luckily Rachelle has enough fabulous ideas for the both of us because my laptop was down with an awful virus and the desktop and my camera were not trying to connect with each other. Lesson learned :) Thanks Sis for taking such fantastic care of our new {blog} baby!

Okay, enough of that and on to craftiness!!! We went camping this last weekend {a disaster btw, story to come in a few days} and I decided {luckily because I NEEDED it} that this was the PERFECT time to make a blanket that I had been wanting to make to take with us. Turned out it was super simple to make and was just right for the excitement that we will refer to as "camping" in later posts ;)

Supplies needed:
2 sheets
yep, that's it! Dig around in the closet for two that are the same size. Even better, dig around in your mom or grandma's closet because more than likely there is a surplus of sheets and they have been washed and loved to perfection! I am sure your local thrift store is full of tons of lovelies just waiting to come home with you at a wonderful price. I chose two that did not any sort of match {cause that is just how I am I suppose} and one of mine was a nice lightweight cotton and the other a super soft {pre-loved} flannel.

[fyi, these sheets happen to be twin sized. This seemed to be just right for just me and my kids have been using it to snuggle up with in the evening and it is a great size for them also]

I laid both of my sheets on my living room floor, right sides together, and pinned them all the way around. I left a good foot long section open to flip it right side out when I was done sewing it. Before I flipped it out, I snipped off the the corners so there would not be big bulges when I flipped it. Then I flipped it right side out and sewed all along the top with just a basic straight stitch.

[world's worst picture! sorry! you can sort of see the top stitch that I did... new camera got here this week, picture quality HAS to go up ;)]

Here it is all done. I may go ahead and add little knots all over it. Not because it needs it, I just happen to think the little knots are cute. But I sorta love it just as is!

[kitty loves it too and he would prefer that I did not take his photo showing so :)]

That's it! Easy enough, right? I am thinking of making these for each of my kids for Christmas. We are a bit of blanket obsessed in this house, but living in Southern California does not really require us to have heavy blankies often. Have fun and let us know if you make one!

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