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Monday, August 1, 2011

Cupcakes in a {baby food} Jar

Having a 10 month baby in our house there are some things that we have LOTS of: {dirty} diapers and baby food. I had been saving these tiny little jars because they are so cute and I thought that there just had to be an adorable way to repurpose them... up until now I have not found an idea that I loved enough to try. However, I was beginning to collect lots {read: way more than any person should ever have.... EVER}. Then the skies opened up and the most beautiful idea was born! I made the cutest tasty treat with these jars and they are so darling that I just had to share it with you~

I have seen all over the web cake in a jar as a gift. When I have seen these they have always been in the big mason jars... that is when my wheels started turning. If you can put cake in a big mason jar, why can't you put it in  a baby food jar? I decided that I wanted to bake the cake in the jar so I could fit the maximum amount of deliciousness in each jar. OK so to be honest this made me super nervous so I totally googled if you could cook cake in glass jars before I started. I figured that about the same amount of batter went into these little jars as a normal cupcake, so I just followed the directions on the back of my boxed mix {what you didn't think that I was making the cupcakes from scratch, did you?}

They turned out PERFECTLY! I was so excited that it had actually worked. 
While they cooled, I took all the lids and got to decorating!
First I painted the tops of all my lids black to cover the words. Then I tried three different ways to decorate the lids. 

For the first lid I made a yellow flower using the same method as the Monogram Wreath I told you about last week. 

Next, I made a puff on top of the lid out of some red tulle that I had laying around. All I did was cut some 6 inch pieces and pinched them in the middle. From the center out I started hot glueing to the lid. Once I got the desired fullness I got out my scissors and trimmed it until I had the shape that I liked. 

Lastly, I did a really simple one to even out the craziness of the other two. I covered the lid in a cardstock circle and added a sticker "S" {the S is in honor of my daughter, Sophia}

Once the cupcakes were cooled, I cut a few strips of matching cardstock, wrapped them around and glued them on. To finish it off, I embellished it with a little "S"

I am in LOVE with these! How cute for a little gift/treat for your co-workers, neighbors, or for a birthday party {I am totally doing something like this for my daughter's 1st birthday}

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  1. I love it!!! I suppose I should start thinking about Emersyn's party since it's on Saturday and all.... :)

  2. What a cute idea! I'm kicking myself now for JUST throwing away about a bajillion jars that I'd been saving. Darn it! Oh well. Baby #2 is on the way - I'll store this idea away for the near future. :) Thanks!

  3. These work great if your hosting a baby shower. Get white cake mix and add afew drops of food color depending on the gender. Also if you leave space from the top of the cupcake to the lid you can add icing. Guest can also take the left overs just by putting a lid on them.