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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fireplace Makeover: Part 2

On Monday I left you with something that looked like this...

Not what I would consider a visual improvement to the green granite we started with {safer? Yes! Prettier? Not yet!}

That is when I came swooping in {I left James to build while I went to the fabric store} and started sewing.

{What we did}

How to: Cover the Facade
{one} Cover the facade in batting. To do this I cut pieces and wrapped the facade and used a staple gun to hold it into place {ok... and a little duct tape}

{two} Cut your fabric to size: This is where you are sort of on your own because every fireplace is different. However, if you are lucky you will have just a simple rectangle box to cover and not some crazy lopsided U shape thing... but I digress! I was fortunate in the fact that for the top piece I purchased upholstery fabric {which I am in love with. Seriously, I swooned when I saw this} that was just wide enough that we were able to cut a {lopsided} U shape piece and consequently not have to deal with seams for the top piece. For the side pieces {in brown, duck-cloth by the way} I cut three rectangle pieces to cover each side. I also cut long strips of the orange.
Sophia posing on our upholstery fabric before we cut into it!
{three} Sew: I cut our three brown pieces together and also used the orange to create some piping.
{four} Pin it up: I pinned our piping to our topper and pined the brown fabric to the piping and them slipped it over the top of our facade to make sure that it fit properly... IT DID!
{five} Sew: Then I sewed up all the pined sides and slipped it onto our facade
{six} Lastly we took our staple gun and pulled the fabric tightly around the back and stapled it in place. For the staples that did not go in nicely, we hammered those in.

Once we put it into place, we let our biggest critic test it out... Thank goodness, she approved!
Added bonus! I had enough leftover upholstery fabric that I was able to make three throw pillows for our living room also.

So just to remind you, here is the before and after. It is functional and pretty: Win/win!

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