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hey sis?!?!?!

What's "hey sis"?
Hey sis! was created by Alisa & Rachelle who are not actually sisters but cousins. However, growing up we called each other sister... because lets face it calling someone "sister" is so much cuter then calling someone "cousin". While we live in separate states there was something that always bonded us (other than the whole being related thing), and that was our love for all things crafty, creative, and just plain pretty! After years of spending time doing lots of creative "stuff" apart {occasionally together when we happened to be visiting the other one}, we decided to join creative forces to create "hey sis!". 

Our projects may not always be 100% original, but we will try to give credit to wherever we found our inspiration (and hope that if you find yourself inspired by us, you will do the same). 

We hope that this will be a place that we can share projects with each other, because lets be honest living in separate states does not always give us the luxury of knowing what amazing projects the other is spouting out. However we also hope to inspire our readers (even those who think that they are not "creative enough" to be crafty) and in turn be inspired. 

We are looking forward to taking over the world one glue stick at a time!

About Alisa
Alisa is a 37 year old (gasp) mom of 6 (yep, six!) ranging in age from 8-18. Needless to say, going to an official "job" is not realistic, so instead she decided to take on another form of work and is now playing nanny-of-sorts to her brand new little niece! Before your little heart skips another beat from hearing how many kiddos are in this house, keep in mind that our family is blended, so they kinda revolve in and out... but mostly in :) Alisa has always been crafty  teaching her friends how to color with crayons perfectly and making dolls out of panty hose and the like from as far back as she can remember. Now she enjoys using these skills to decorate her home and help entertain her kiddos!

About Rachelle
Rachelle is a 20-something part-time Pre-K teacher and full-time mom to a beautiful little girl. Growing up she always loved to be creative, but never thought that she was one of those crafty people till she graduated college, got married and realized how expensive everything really was. She started to get crafty out of a love for pretty things and a hatred for things that cost money! She now proudly calls herself a frugal {read:won't pay for something that she could figure out how to make herself} and creative gal!