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Friday, August 26, 2011

coffee filter pom-poms {three ways}

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Alright, enough business... on with the good stuff!

I was recently given a huge container full of coffee filters. They have been sitting in my office, staring at me, taunting me. I knew that there was something cute I could do with them, but I had no idea what.

I finally made a decision to use them to make some pom-pom puffs. I totally winged it {isn't that what I always do} and I came up with three different ways that turned out so cute {and if I am being honest, I came up with a few others that were hideous}. The beauty of this project is that it was 100% FREE!

Pom-pom #1: Classic Look
Items Needed:
~ Coffee Filters
~ Hot Glue Gun
~ Piece of Trash {wadded up in a ball and wrap in tape}
~ Wooden Dowel {optional}

{one} Put your finger or the wooden dowel in the middle of the coffee filter and wrap it.
{two} Place a dab of hot glue on the end of the coffee filter and push onto your ball o' trash.

{three} Continue adding coffee filters till you get the desired fullness you want.
Helpful Hint: Start covering the ball all over very loosely. Then fill in the bald spots. This will make your pom-pom look more even in the end.
{four} When you have the desired fullness, use a pair of good scissors to sheer away any bumps you don't like.
Pom-pom #2: Water Lily Look
Items Needed:
~ Coffee Filters
~ Hot Glue Gun
{one} Grab 3 or 4 coffee filters and place on top of each others. 
{two} Fold the coffee filters in half a few times till you end up with a triangle.

{three} Cut the ends off in a triangle . 
{four} Continue to do this step to four different stacks of filters. With each stack of filters cut a little smaller than the last. 
{five} Start with the largest coffee filters, and hot glue a small dab in the middle and stack one on top of the other. When stacking place them on top of each other so that they are not all exactly turned the same way. 
{six} Continue to do this with each size. Hot glueing all the coffee filters together. 

{seven} Flip stack over.
{eight} Begin scrunching in each layer once at a time, till you end up with something that looks like a water lilly. 
Pom-pom #3: Classic with a twist. 
Items Needed:
~ Same as Pom-pom #1

{one} Start by cutting your coffee filters the same way as pom-pom #2, but keep all your coffee filters the same size {instead of all different sizes}
{two} Hot glue your coffee filters to your ball o' trash the same way as you did with pom-pom #1. 

The beauty of this pom-pom is you don't have to worry about trimming it in the end because it is supposed to be different levels!

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  1. Very nifty! Aldi has coffee filters for 99cents so even if we didn't have some freebies it's still affordable. Great job!

  2. This is a really cute idea! I think it would look nice on a gift! I am pinning this

  3. Hi Rachelle!
    I did a version of your pom pom flower over at shabby LOCO. Come check it out when you can..Thanks for the inspiration sista!!

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  5. I got here through Johnny In A Dress, and this idea is so great! I am definitely going to give these a go. Thanks for showing me how!

  6. ball o trash?

    thanks for the tute!


  7. Awesome! I just pinned this.
    Jacqueline (visiting from TT and J)

  8. I am kinda sorta in love with this idea.

    thanks for sharing!!!


  9. These are so coll... I love the colour and its more me than white.. pinned them to make .. thanks

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  10. Thanks so much for the instructions for the coffee filter pom-poms! I saw the idea originally on another website, but alas, no directions. I did some searching online and they all appeared SO complicated and not what I wanted.
    Well, I found your site through johnny in a dress and this was just what I needed! My friends helped me make some last night and they are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks. These are going to decorate my sister's bridal shower and wedding. :)

  11. Perfect for my daughter's shabby sheik rustic wedding!

  12. Perfect for my daughter's shabby sheik rustic wedding!