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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Giving Birth Day to MEEEEE!!!!

This week, baby #5 {aka, Hannah} turned 11! My fabulous husband brought home 18 of these beauties to thank me for birthing our kiddo :) He's a keeper!

It was a pool party/polka dot theme, here a few of my favorite shots from the day {more to come, I promise!}

yep, I stole *ehem borrowed Rachelle's idea for using baby food jars {did some traditional cup cakes also, I liked them being different heights :)} for her cup cakes. Word to the wise... they WILL cook over and make the jars messy if you fill them too full. I did mine about 3/4 full-ish and made a big mess, but I decided that it added texture {others might call this laziness, I called it "creativeness" ;)} and left them as they were. Guess what?? No one cared!

** can I just point out really quick how insanely cute my cousin's son is?! Hannah isn't too bad herself! ;)**

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