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Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Ladies Night!

I love a reason to go out and celebrate! Job promotions, holiday's, heck I have even been known to go out and celebrate a good deal that I found at the store... 

So, when one of my good friends suggested that we go out and have a girls night before I had Sophia last year, I was all for it. Fast forward to one year {almost exactly}, that friend and another friend are 'bout ready to pop, so we went out to enjoy a last hurrah before their lives were overtaken once again with sleepless nights and dirty diapers. 

It was so much fun to go out with just the girls and celebrate. We went to dinner at PF Changs and then went and grabbed some Frozen Yogurt and sat outside and talked and laughed {I know we are wild and crazy... right?}

And since I can't go anywhere or celebrate anything without making something to commemorate the occasion, I made a cute little pull tab mommy emergency kit. I got the idea from the site Our Best Bites. It was originally a Mother's Day gift idea, but I thought it would be so perfect for a getting-ready-for-a-new-baby gift too. 

Items Needed:
~ Pull tab can
~ Hot glue gun
~ Treats for in the can {candy, candle, trail mix, etc}
~ Baggies
~ Card stock
~ Ribbon
~ Printer {to print the little signs for the can}

You can do this with any size of pull tab can that you want. I used a larger soup can, because I wanted to be able to put more stuff in it than I would have been able to with a tiny can. 

To create this, all I did was remove the bottom of the can with a can opener and cleaned it out really well. Then once it was dry I stuffed it with little baggies of candy, a candle, and some trail mix. You could put whatever you want in the can... that is the beauty of this little project. 

Once it is stuffed with good stuff, I hot glued the bottom back on, and decorated the outside of the can with some craft paper and ribbon. I modified the words that Our Best Bites used, by just removing the happy mother's day, and recreating the same thing in a word document. 

Once it was all put together I added a little baggie {which was just a sandwich bag, cut way down with little scalloped edges} that had a pair of ear plugs with a little note that said, "For added enjoyment, use these while consuming contents of this package." 

Hopefully, these will come in handy for those days when the mom's just need a little break!

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