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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organization Week : Craft supplies

I am one of the lucky ladies out there that happens to have a craft room! It doubles as a guest room/our son's room when he is home every other weekend. But for the most part, that room is MINE! I love it in that room. All of my fantastic crafting items are in there. My beloved glue gun is in there *sigh*. My husband's grandmother gave me a fantastic wall unit that covers the better half of one wall and is perfect for storing all of the crap precious items that I have amassed collected over the years. This is how I keep the chaos low and my wall unit looking tidy until the day that the doors get installed {hint hint, husband o' mine}.

Fabulous, right?! And this is just one hunk of that room! It is Heaven you guys, I will do a whole post about it when I get it just how I am wanting it :) Pretty much everything is grouped in like items.

Beads and jewelry making things are in plastic cases and color coordinated and put into photo boxes. I have tons of jars that hold my fabulous button collection, some chipboard odds and ends, safety pins etc. This is my favorite shelf...

Baskets hold little wooden things that will go into my fairy garden and another holds magnetic stuff. My goal today is to get tags on all of the baskets so it is easier to see where things are at a glance.

Last but not least are the cigar boxes. They are the perfect size for holding markers, jewelry making tools, cards etc. These too will be labeled by the end of the day. I saw a fabulous idea a year or so ago on a blog using little pulls so they are easier to pull out of a stack. I need to hunt for that article... how do you store your crafting supplies?

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