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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{little girl} hair bow

Last week a friend called me up and asked if I would help her with a bow she wanted to make for her soon-to-be baby girl {it is one of the same friends that I celebrated with a few weeks back}. I had made a variation of the type of bow she was wanting to do, but not the exact type she was wanting to try. However, I am always up for something new, so I told her to come on over and we would try it out. The bows that we made were seriously the easiest bow ever!!!! EVER!!! {I can not emphasize this enough} E.V.E.R!

When she was over we made a sweet little headband for her baby to wear home from the hospital, as well as matching bows for her other little girl and for Soph. 

We made the three bows in about 30 minutes. And that was the first time we made them... love when things are easy and don't take me all day to make!

{What you need}
~ fabric {you can use any type you want... you can use anything from organza to burlap}
~ hot glue
~ alligator clip {or a headband, or really any type of clip you want}

{one} Cut circles of different sizes {small, medium, and large}. The size of circle depends on what you want your bow to look like. For the bow I made I cut 2" circles, 1 1/2" circles, and 1" circles. {I cut about 6 of each size of circle. You may not need that many, but it is nice to have lots of each size to choose from when you start glueing}

{two} Hot glue one of your 1" circles to the inside of your clip as a base {if you are using a headband, glue the circle to the underside of your headband}

{three} Take one of your large circles and fold in half, and then over once more. I like to fold mine not exactly in half. This makes the layers uneven and gives nice fullness. 

{four} Hot glue your folded circle to the clip at the center of your base circle. 

{five} Continue folding your large circles and glueing to the base till you have the base circle completely covered. 

{six} Fold your other circles in the same fashion. Glue them into place where needed to get the fullness you desire.

{variations} For the bow that I did, I took a few of my 1" circles and scalloped the edges before placing them in the middle. You could also add a couple of buttons or beads to the middle for something different {we added three white buttons to the headband and it was very cute... just wish I had taken pictures}

And just to remind you how d-a-r-l-i-n-g this bow is on top of a little head, I leave you with this...

Happy Bow-ing!


  1. SO cute!!! I'm excited to try making some of these on my own soon.

  2. Adorable! I may try a headband for my daughter.