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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Shower- Garden Party {pink & brown}

Over the weekend I went to such a beautiful baby shower thrown for a friend that I have known since I was little girl. I was asked to do the invitations for the shower, which was fun to do!

I didn't help much more than the invites and a few other printables, but the shower was so beautiful {and completely DIY} that I could not help but show you a few of my favorite shots of the decorations. 
 The shower was held at one of the hostesses home. She has a beautiful pool and backyard, so many of the tables were set up poolside. It was magical... as in she should not be surprised if she goes out to her yard one morning to find me back there sipping coffee and reading a magazine. It felt like I was on a vacation being back there...

Keeping with the "garden" theme, there were vases of flowers everywhere. They were GORGEOUS {and arranged by the hostesses}

One of my favorite uses of floral decor were these huge apothecary jars that had long stems of flowers inside. So simple, yet so chic!

The food was equally as beautiful as the decor. I am a firm believer that you can have the most stunning decorations but if your food table is just thrown together, you may as well pack it all up and go home! All the food was made by the hostesses and they looked and tasted great. One the menu was: {mini} quiche lorraine, {mini} cinnamon rolls, {mini} bran muffins, fruit kabobs, coffee, sparkling pink lemonade, and cake {the cake was the only thing that was store bought}. Did you see a theme among the food? I love me some food that it in tiny little sizes!
 The mommy-to-be made the most adorable cookies in the shape of baby carriages as a little thank you to her guests. Such a kind gesture. However, I may be a little jealous of her skills... I can't even frost a cupcake. 

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  1. I thought the shower was beautiful too, can't go wrong with pink. The flowers in the jars were beautiful!! Jennifer could sell those cookies, I thought they were better then professional sugar cookies I've gotten as favors from weddings and other parties!!