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Friday, July 22, 2011

Brought to you by the letter "P"

I actually made this monogram wreath awhile back and am thinking of changing it. However, before I did I thought I would walk you all through a quick step-by-step of how I did it. The beauty of this wreath is it was easy and cheap so I don't feel bad changing it up all the time, because it was not like I spent a fortune. And also I don't have room for tons of different wreaths {maybe someday I will}, so having this cute "P" that I can change the look of whenever is a win-win for me!

I bought this letter P over a year ago at Jo-Ann's. It was 50% off because it was a little scratched up but that did not matter to me because I knew I was going to cover it anyway. I paid less than $5 for it {not sure exactly how much, but I remember it was a good deal}. The letter is one of the paper mache letters, not the wood kind, which I like better because they tend to have crisper lines and be a bit more simple in shape {which I like... but it's a preference people}.

I had originally bought it to use during Christmas. I wrapped it tightly in green garland and added some iridescent orange and pearl berries to hang in my living room. It served me well for two Christmas' but then I got bored of it {as I do with most things in my house}. So in February of this year I revived it into something spring-y! 

Here is what I did:
If you are a librarian please avert your eyes for a moment... 
1. Found an old book lying around the house and I ripped {gasp} out a bunch of pages. 
2. I used my handy dandy paper cutter and cut strips of paper. 
3. Then I had to make the decision of how I wanted the paper to look. I tossed around two ideas: I could either just to throw the paper strips in all different directions for a more "rustic, wind blown look", or have all the strips going in the same direction for a more uniform look. I choose to go with the second idea because the thought of the words being chaotic quite frankly stressed me out. 
4. I mixed up some poor mans mod podge (Elmer's glue diluted with a bit of warm water), and started sticking my strips of paper on. 
5. Once I had the letter completely covered I went around the edge with more strips to make it look a bit more finished and then gave the whole things a quick once over with more of my glue mixture to really seal it up. 
6. Next I made my birds simply by cutting out a simple bird shape and two simple wing shapes from leftover book pages and some craft paper I had on hand. I glued a wing to each side of the bird and added a rhinestone eye for a little bling!
7. I made the flower by cutting out three different petal shapes (large, medium, and small). Once they were cut out I just started glueing them on top of each other in a circle, till I got the desired fullness. Then I took a wooden skewer and wrapped the ends of the petals around it, to give the petals a little curl on the ends. Lastly I added a bunch of sparkly beads to the center of the flower by using the very precise glue and dump method! {I did not use this exact tutorial but it was similar to this... I obviously tweaked mine quite a bit but this is a good place to get a visual of what I am talking about}
8. Lastly I played around with where I wanted my birds and flowers. Once I liked were I had them I hot glued them in place. 

Happy Wreathing!

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