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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Got cassette tapes?!

Okay kids... know that stash of cassette tapes that you have on the top shelf of your closet? Well go grab them! All this project requires is 10 cassette tapes (my friend gave me hers, but I have seen them at the thrift stores for $0.25!), glue (hot glue or E6000, hot glue is quicker, E6000 is stronger) and a small bit of craft foam-if desired.

I made two of these a few years back. One for little pads of paper and one for pens. I found that pens tended to get stuck in the little holes on the tapes, so I glued a bit of craft foam in there.

You get the idea of how they are glued together from this pic. I glued the sides together first then stuck the bottom on.

And here they are where they live on our little desk. Helps keep things nice and tidy and is fun and a little retro :) there you have it... a super fast project for ya! Enjoy!!

ps... sorry about the poor picture quality... these are from my little point and shoot :)

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