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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cloth Napkin Table Runner

Yesterday I decided that I needed a little craft therapy, so I whipped this little cutie up in about half an hour...

I found these cloth napkins at Michael's last summer. They were in the dollar area, but I waited long enough to buy them and they were marked down to a dime each!

All I did was a quick stitch with embroidery thread and tied a knot at every point that they overlapped. I did this by hand, but it would work just fine to do it on a machine. I was going for a bit more "homey" look so I wanted the knots showing.

This is just one of my favorite things in my house. It is a trifle bowl that normally collects dust in my cabinet, filled with faux moss covered rocks (I needed 3 bags from the Dollar Tree to fill it). The flower is just 2 stickers on either side of a toothpick. The cow was covering the sip hole on my to-go coffee cup. The letters (which represent mine and my husbands initials) are from some happy birthday candles (also from the Dollar Tree... seeing a trend?). Cute huh?!

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