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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Shower- Owls & Pinwheels Printables/Cost

I'm back with a cost breakdown of the decorations for the owl & pinwheels shower as well as a few free printables that you are more than welcome to use. 
*If you are interested in personalizing any of the printables let me know and I can do that for you. 

Free Printables:
Owl Circles- This is what I used to make the toothpick toppers for the quiches. Click here for example.
Love Note- I printed these out on sticker paper and attached them to cardstock
Food Cards- These are what I used in front of the different types of food. To get them to stand up I used clothespins as a base. Click here for example
Baby Looks Like- I had the mommy-to-be bring a baby picture of herself and her hubs and people voted who they thought the baby would look like. Click here for example. 
Predictions- This was in place of a game. I gave each guest one of these to fill out while the gifts were being open. 
Owl on Branches- Feel free to use this to enhance your own printables!
Just OwlFeel free to use this to enhance your own printables!
Just BranchFeel free to use this to enhance your own printables!

Cost Breakdown for Decorations:
Branches (for love note tree)- FREE! 
Vases & Mason Jars (used these for the tree, pinwheels, and flowers)- FREE!

Marbles (used in vase for tree)- FREE!
Clothespins (for attaching love notes)- $1- got at dollar tree
Paper Bags- FREE!- I had a bunch laying around in my kitchen… but I you can pick some up at the dollar store
Cardstock (for bunting & pinwheels)- $6- I got this at Michaels, on sale 6 for $2 plus I had a 20% off entire purchase- woot woot!
Thread (for bunting)- FREE!- already had some on hand.
Ribbon- $7.99- I bought 6 different types of ribbon on sale at Michaels, and I had lots leftover for other projects.
Yarn (used this to wrap around vases and for bunting)- $1.99
Twine (used this to wrap around vases for a rustic look)- $1.99
Canvas- $3.99- got this at Michaels on sale
Paint (for canvas)- $1
Pen (for canvas)- $1
Ink Pads- $2.50- I got three colors for people to use for their prints
Owls (used on bunting & canvas)- FREE!
Dowels- $1 for 50- and I have TONS leftover for another project.
Beads (used on pinwheels)- $2.99- I had lots of beads leftover too… and they are really nice glass beads. SCORE!
Peas (used this as filler for EVERYTHING)- $4- I bought this in bulk at Winco

Grand Total- $35.45

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