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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh Baby! Bedding

I told my friend Patti that I would help her sew some crib bedding for her baby boy, Everett {even though I, myself, have never actually sewed crib bedding... ever}. A few weeks ago she came over and we did the fitted sheet, which was so surprising easily! So, when I headed over to her house the other day to sew the crib skirt and blanket, I was going into it thinking, "piece of cake, this won't take long". Fast forward 6 hours later and my tune had changed quite a bit.! Sewing stuff like that is a time consuming and tricky little endeavor. I had high hopes for doing this cute little tutorial on how to do it, but about 5 minutes into the project I realized that this was not something I was ready to take on. So, I decided to keep the sewing tutorials to the "professionals" {for now anyway}. 

Here is the tutorial we used for the crib skirt, the blanket, and the crib sheet {we made a few modifications to fit our needs but in an effort to keep this post simple I am not going to include those...)

I will leave you with a few tips {also known as stuff I wish I would have known/thought through BEFORE starting this project}:

{one} Unless you are an expert sewer, don't use a accent color as your thread choice {unless you want every.single.mistake you make on display for all to see... from across the room}

{two} If your sewing machine is not working correctly check to make sure that everything is threaded correctly FIRST {don't start taking apart the whole machine, only to realize your thread was not on correctly.... and then only to realize you are not quite sure how to put the machine back together}

{three} Measure two {or three or four} times before you cut your fabric...

{four} Have fun and don't take it all so seriously! Sewing is supposed to be fun. So grab a friend and some good music and have at it. It's not supposed to be perfect, it's handmade {and rustic}

{five} You are your own worst critic. No one will most likely notice the crazy "Z" you made when you were sewing, so don't point it out everyone that comes over (that one was for you Patti). 



  1. It's RUSTIC!!!!!! :)

    From the pictures, it looks like you did a fantastic job! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Rustic, hahahahahahahaha!!! Love your tips and love that we made this together. I would rather have imperfect bedding that was made with love and good intentions then professional bedding anyways.

    And for the record, I stand by the fact that I did the Z on purpose as like a signature seamstress move. :)

    I LOVE his bedding and I think it turned out PERFECT! :)