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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

how I saved my marriage {diy tiered tray}

I have a horrible habit of leaving all my makeup out on the bathroom counter... it drives my husband CRAZY! I don't know why it is so hard for me to simply put it back in the drawer when I am done, but it is. I have even tried getting some cute drawer organizers thinking that would motivate me, but not so much! It is a strange phenomenon that I don't really understand because I am straight up giddy about organization in every other room in our house, but I just can't get it together in the master bathroom.

So to keep my husband from full on killing me I came up with a plan, and it required some diy goodness! I made a tiered tray {bowl on top/plate on bottom} that now lives on our bathroom counter that my makeup goes in. It is a win/win for us because it gives the illusion of picked up {which makes my husband happy} while not having to actually put anything away {which makes me happy... man how lazy do I sound?}.

~ bowl {I used an old plastic picnic bowl}
~ plate {I used a plastic picnic plate}
~ salt shaker {I used the kind that had a screw on lid, so I screwed that off before I started}
~ E6000
~ gloss spray paint

What I did:
{one} clean your bowl, plate and shaker well before starting
{two} lightly coat the top and bottom of your salt shaker with the E6000 and stick the bottom to the center of your plate and the top to the center {bottom} of your bowl
{three} this is the hardest step of all: allow your creation to completely dry for 24-48 hours!!!! This is super important so that it is completely dry.
{four} paint your tray the desired color and let dry {make sure to do thin even coats... you do not want your paint to run}

Once it was completely dry I added it to the corner of my counter. I also took two glass votives {one small and one medium} and used the epoxy to hold them together as well. Once dry I filled the large votive with some dry split peas and used it to hold my makeup brushes and tweezers.


  1. Yet another function for dried split peas. You amaze me. :) My make up is in a bag but on the counter as well. I've always liked the idea of having it out though, rather then digging through a bag each day for things. Brett hates my hairdryer and brushes that I leave out each day. Just seems like a waste of time to put them away when I'll just get them right back out the next day, right?? :)

  2. This is awesome. I am super guilty of the same thing. Make up AND hair products. And medicine. All on the counter. So I bought I really pretty bamboo silverware tray that sits on the counter and each kind of thing has it's own slot. Hair spray and mouse stand up in the back. There is a slot for eye make up, one for brushes etc. I think my bathroom counter clutter issue is way more out of control than yours but I love the idea of finding a way to make it look organized....when in fact it's just a hot mess.